Kay Buchheim is a musician, based in Hamburg, Germany. In addition to his given name, he appears under the moniker Digger Barnes and Port de la Selva.
Being a songwriter, recording artist and touring musician for more than 20 years, he currently works as a composer for stages and screens.
Port de la Selva represents Buchheim’s more adventurous side, drawing influences from ambient, drone, library music and free improvisation.

Film/ TV :
2023: “Mitgefangen“, Lomotion, SRF/ 3sat (in post)
2022: “Im Suneboge“, Pegasus Film (directed by Annina Furrer)
2021: “NZZ Format: Hoffnungsträger in der Psychiatrie“, SRF/ 3sat (directed by Annina Furrer)
2020: “Die erste Welle“, Turnus Film/ SRF (directed by Annina Furrer)
2020: “Unorthodox“, Netflix (directed by Maria Schrader)
2019: “Franz Wright – Last Words“, Slowboat Films (directed by M.A. Littler)
2019: “NZZ Format: Die Indianer von Pine Ridge“, SRF/ 3sat (directed by Annina Furrer)
2019: “Als der Country in den Norden kam“, NDR (directed by Oliver Schwabe)
2019: “Vom Lieben und Lügen“, Lomotion, SRF/ 3sat (directed by Annina Furrer)
2016: “Ein anderer Blick – Grenzbereiche des Kurzfilms“, Kontrastfilm/ ARTE (directed by Erik Lange)
2016: “Brevet“, Curly Pictures (directed by Michael Reis-Müller)
2016: “Armenia“, Slowboat Films (directed by M.A. Littler)

2019: “Die große Gereiztheit“, Schauspielhaus Zürich (directed by Karin Henkel)
2018: “Lazarus“, Schauspielhaus Hamburg (directed by Falk Richter)
2016: “Diamond Motel“, Schauspiel Leipzig (directed by Barnes & Quincy)
2015: “Schuld und Sühne“, Schauspielhaus Hamburg (directed by Karin Henkel)
2013: “Monarch“, Schwankhalle Bremen (directed by Kristina Brons)
2012: “Krieg“, Schwankhalle Bremen (directed by Kristina Brons)

Readings/ Misc.:
2021: “Vom Revolverherz zum River Clyde“, Harbour Front Literaturfestival Hamburg (with Simone Buchholz)
2020: “Sünde und Sound“, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (with Simone Buchholz, Franz Dobler)
2020: Judith Schalansky: “Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln“, Uebel & Gefährlich Hamburg (with Gala Othero Winter, Pencil Quincy)
2020: Calle Fuhr: “Encore – Eine dezentrale Theaterserie“ (with Eugénie Anselin, Alina Schaller, Stefanie Rösner, Johannes Nussbaum, Mala Emde, Christoph Franken et al.)
2019: Jörg Fauser: “Das Schlangenmaul“, Schauspielhaus Hamburg (with Charly Hübner, Lina Beckmann, Rocko Schamoni)
2017: “Schwanengesang“, Schauspielhaus Hamburg (with Kate Strong, Angelika Richter)
2014: Raymond Carver: “Warum tanzt ihr nicht?“, Hamburger Kammerspiele (with Oliver Sauer)
2014: “Diamond Motel“, Schwankhalle Bremen (with Franz Dobler, Pencil Quincy)
2013: “Fräulein Jakobs funktioniert nicht“, Schwankhalle Bremen (with Louise Jakobs)

Tour/ Studio:
Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Emily Barker, Jim Ward (At The Drive In), Friedrich Paravicini, Tim Barry (Avail), Anderson Family Bluegrass Band, Butch Meier, Jeniger, Austin Lucas, Allie Parker, Jenny Owen Youngs, Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Audra Mae, Ben Nichols (Lucero), Tumor, Alain Croubalian (The Dead Brothers), Tom Gabel/ Laura Jane Grace (Against Me), Frank Turner, Dave Hause, Binoculers, Possessed By Paul James, Jon Snodgrass and others.

Port de la Selva: “Klang der Angst“ (2021, Abroad)
Port de la Selva: “Nocturnes“ O.S.T. (2021, Abroad)
Port de la Selva: “Peers“ O.S.T. (2021, Abroad)
Port de la Selva: “Remote Islands“ (2021, Abroad)
Port de la Selva: “Pine Ridge“ O.S.T. (2021, Abroad)
Port de la Selva: “Last Words“ O.S.T. (2021, Abroad)